Monday, September 21, 2009

Contaminated Lethbridge Air!

So as you all know I cannot move anywhere without ending up in the hospital at least once. Seems like some sort of a ritual these days.
Here's my first Lethbridge experience:

I decided that since I'm on such a health kick lately (which I'm unsure I have told any of you about)I decided to go for a run last night. As I got about half way through it I took in a deep breath that followed with an extreme burning feeling all the way down to my lungs. It felt like when you're super sick and have junk in your lungs so you rattle and wheeze. I thought perhaps I pushed myself a little to hard to I began to walk thinking that I would just catch my breath. I saw a park and began to cut through it as it was the shortest route home. The closer I got to home the worse it got and by the time I was home I could hardly swallow. So off to the hospital Joseph took me where I stayed for about four hours before I could take shallow breaths normally. Apparently what happened is I breathed in something not cool that caused some type of reaction and inflamation of my lungs/bronch-something or others. I'm okay now but no deep breaths, two inhailers and some type of antiinflamitory pills for a week. It may take up to a month to feel better!
Scary stuff!

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