Sunday, September 27, 2009

My life on the fly...

Hey girlies.

Well I've been super busy with nothing important what-so-ever. BUT here's a quick update on yours truly.

I was supposed to go to the interview for a receptionist job at an optometrist's place... but long story short they were asking too much of my time for me to be comfortable with (and that's not just being said because Sport Chek is like... beyond giving) so I respectfully declined. When I start school in November (HOORAY!) I want to be able to focus and go through them as quick and thorough as I can. So I applied at the Liquor Store for part time work. Keep going to the Chek 2 times a week... throw another job in there every so often... should work out well.

Liz I've spent the majority of my downtime watching Friends. Again TOTALLY forgot how funny some of the are.

Kayla... no good about the lung thing... that had to have been scary!!!

Dad's in Winnipeg right now... jamming with the boys. I came to terms that I have my friends and I can go out for coffees and whatnot... he doesn't really have anyone to just 'hang' with... so that's why he's been going out of town a bit lately. I mean I totally understand. Ummm I've finished up Bethan and Doug (the twins from the lake)'s college package. A lot of random stuff (Janine can vouch for that!) including a one dollar pregnancy test. Hahaha.

And finally, rode on Aaron's bike today. I will fully admit I was downright terrified.... but I can definately see the thrill =)

Later days!

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