Wednesday, September 16, 2009

you guys!

Hi, loves.
I miss you all, so much.
So I have some minor wedding news.. its back to just the core 4 for the wedding party. Evan didn't want to have 10 people and he didn't have another person to pick anyway so he kinda vedo-ed it. It's okay, I talked to Marena about it and she was understanding. I'll get her involved somehow. I was looking forward to having her there with us but I know it would have been a little different than how we all envisioned that day. You know, everyone else already knew each other really well, including the groomsmen!
ps don't forget, bridesmaid dress shopping the saturday before thanksgiving. you all have to attend.
I'm not gonna bore you with any more wedding stuff.
School is the same old, same old.. studying, writing too easy tests.. buying lunch.. frick it's a bad habit that I shouldn't have started. Speaking of bad habits, how's the non-smoking going Kayla?
Evan's coming here for the weekend, to check out my sweet pad(not.) It's so ghetto, I find bugs on the floor all the time.. ew.

BTW... They're making a new park in Universal Orlando that is COMPLETELY Harry Potter themed. Like, made to look real life. It's an illusion at times, made to make the castle look 200 meters high! how cool is that?! and there's a roller coaster, and all the legit stores and candy and everything. its gonna be so awesome, i have to go there.

I'm sorry my posts are so lame. this is my first time ever doing this, and I'm sure you all know I'm not a very deep or creative person. I wear my heart on my sleeve and anytime I'm feeling anything, you all know about it within 4 hours. I don't really have any philosophical questions to ask..
I'm happy to hear that you (janine and Kayla) are enjoying school. and Jam, good for you to be looking for a new job! what are you thinking for?? How's the maybe going back to school plan going for you??

Okay i really have to go to bed. 6:10 comes way too early. Miss you all, love love.

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  1. Non-smoking is hard. Im dying. haha! Actually I feel a lot better physically. Hopefully I can keep it up! Stessful days are the worst!