Friday, September 11, 2009

rammmmbleeee onn......

It's so good to hear that you guys are doing well in your classes (Janine I have yet to hear haha)Dad's off to Atlantic City today to follow the band... all paid for by Robin himself. How rad is that?! Dad's really excited and so I'm I to have some time off and the house to myself.

Unfortunately my hours at work are allowing me to have a lot more free time after this week... I'm down to three shifts a week. BS as far as I'm concerned. So Jamie will be off to search for another job sometime in the near future.

So since Dad's been gone I've been doing a bunch of cleaning and sorting of Mom's stuff; pictures, cards, letters etc. I was pleasantly surprised when I came across two letters from my Dad to my Mom. Full on, tear jerking love letters written while they were dating and had to spend the summers apart. Apparently even the bad-ass camero driving hippy has a soft spot. One day I'll have to let you read them. They're beautiful.

Tomorrow I'm hoping I get the tattoo.... horray! Then more work. Not horray.

I gotta go to the doctors now... gotta get off these wacko pills, check out while my ear is still effed and see what I can do about my f'ed foot haha. I'm just falling apart.

Oh... and I dyed my hair (BY MYSELF JANINE! haha) and it went orange.... but I fixed it... lemon juice is a miracle is all I have to say =) I'm blondeeeeeee again!!! YAY!


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