Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My turn!

Okay Kayla,

What Janine wrote is absolutely true. (Although I'll argue the true love comes once in a lifetime... because sometimes, if you're lucky it can come around again. My Grandma ((Dad's Mom)) lost her husband early on and she loved him dearly, but then my Papa came around and their love was different... but completely undeniable)

Now I can agree with your comment about Liz getting married. Liz, don't get us wrong we are BEYOND thrilled for you this is hugely exciting. But of course being girls theres going to be some ounce of jealousy. Now Kayla, I know that you think that you missed out with Jamie... and rightfully so. You gave your whole heart to him and he destroyed it in one flash. But he came with different baggage than anyone deserves. I'm sorry but no matter how many times you apologize... he still lied, he stole... he had problems beyond what a relationship can heal.
The only reason you're doubting yourself is because your tired of being alone. Right?

Not that I'm one too speak. Thank you Janine for those really sweet words about Mom and Dad. I told him about it and Dad thought it was extremely flattering... he got teary. However I can say this. It's that belief in what love is about that has been my downfall. Seeing all the things Dad did for Mom and vice-versa made me the biggest judge of love you'll probably ever meet. I've had my chances (I've even gone with the flow for the hell of it.... ahem Brock) but deep down my gut just wasn't in it. Ya there are moments of awes and how cutes. But at the end of the day I'll always look at it if it were Mom and Dad. Yeah they fought, but there was something undeniable behind it. Unfortunately that's what I'm keeping my eye out for... and double unfortunately you can't tell that after one night of meeting someone. I mean Janine even jokingly said maybe i'll fall in love with rohrke (we're going for dinner tomorrow night) and all I could do was laugh inside. Something inside me went: Heck no. Poor kid never stood a chance.

Kayla when someone comes along, and for all you know you could have already met him. You're going to know. In your gut. That doesn't mean that he's all you can think about (though probably is) and theres going to be things about him that absolutely frusterate the hell out of you. But that knot in your stomach (not the kind you're taking medicine for haha) is going to beg to differ.

Come on, no one likes the idea of being alone. But that's when you have to cope, really get in tune with yourself. Stop looking for love, because it'll find you. We're all good people, so in the end good will come to us. Like I've always said to Janine, you're gonna laugh at yourself for worrying about this when the guy comes along... because you're gonna go, really? This is beyond my expectations... sheesh!

On a tangent though... isn't it the most frusterating when you see people who are getting married... and you go... how the hell did that happen? What about me? Yeah... those are my favourites.... cept I always feel like an asshole in the end.

And Janine is most certainly right. We all have our bouquet to catch. Guess we gotta find more friends who are getting married =P

Love to you all. xoxo


  1. Lol... maybe Janine just has to get on that horse, and You and I can fight over that bouquet haha!

    I agree. Jamie isn't the one for me, and Im pretty pumped that I can say that now, but I know I'm just thinking this way BCUZ Liz is getting married.

    I mean yeah I'm lonely, but not really. Im not like depressed or anything over it, and I enjoy myself more than I ever have these days... It was just a thought.

    And I hear you about the high expectations. I found a binder my mom had and it said
    Christine Fork
    Ken Dagenais
    = Love Forever with a big heart around it.

    My Dad wrote Ditto underneath it.
    I think we share the same bias my dear.

  2. wow. how unexpected that the one getting married is the only one who thinks there isn't just one person for everone?