Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day Of School (Insert Finding Nemo Voice Here)

Welp, day one is done and over with. I only had two classes today since no Labs or Tutorials start until next week.
Consumer Behavior was first, and I have this extremely hilarious Mexican teacher. He's so rad and goes by the name Roberto Bello... AWESOME! We have assigned readings that we need to have done before every class and he has the "Shame Bell" that he dings a gazillion times if you answer a question wrong as he yells "For Shame!".
I'm kinda tempted to answer a question wrong just to hear his Mexican accent! So funny! We have 3 individual papers to write, one group project/presentation that needs to be atleast 40 pages long, and then the midterm and final... talk about a lot of work for one class!
The class itself actually seems really interesting. We basically learn about why people buy certain brands, why they listen to this type of music, why other brands are not so exciting to them, celebrity status... kinda sweet stuff. And why shopping with the opposite sex can be difficult haha!
STATS was next which I am extremely worried about. I haven't taken a STATS class since first year University which was more than 3 years ago. Yikes! Once again my prof is foreign... Paki-ish but not!? Somewhere around that area. Thick accent yet again, but all class he was like "I just want you all to pass, I know thats what you want to so do your homework, ask for help and go to the tutorials! We have a lot of assignments and quizes which will hopefully be easy marks." The final is worth 50% though... YOUCH!
Tomorrow I have Psychology, Sociology and Managing Responsibility in a Global Environment. I think the last one is basically an ethics course. From what I hear it has a lot to do with looking at case studies and applying concepts to them. I think we do a big thing on Dove commercials, which will be really interesting.
So far, so good.
School might not suck this year!

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