Friday, September 11, 2009

I can take a hint!

I just about cried while reading about the love letters .... probably a bad idea if I actually do read them lol. Last person who wrote me anything was ....Kiley. And we all know where those words came from.

As for how things are with me ... Great! I am actually loving school. My classmates. My teachers. My classes. Everything this year is actually being learnt because we NEED it for Massage Therapy therefore they are actually teaching us things then telling us how it relates. Where as last year they told us random things about the body ... and then said BUT you don't need that for your career. Dumb. So things are great! I'm really looking forward to the year, and grad on May 28th yay!!! I just hope its not month 1 excitement and all it and the motivation goes away after that.

As for everything else, things are good. Shiloh has medicine which makes her eye feel better but she does go for surgery on the 24th and hopefully that will fix her all up and not rob my bank .. again.
Laramie and I are doing fantastic, trying to push him into thinking about school (here or in the States)
Chili's opens on the 24th, so training starts next week! money money money!

I'm glad you guys are enjoying school! It's sort of nice to be in a groove. And Jamie ... well i'm glad you are looking into school YAY!

I don't really have much else going on, going to go cook some breakfast for supper mmmm!!!!

Love you all bunches!

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